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Tube Bending Rental Equipment

Instrumentation Tube Bending Services (ITBS) rents tube bending and instrumentation installation equipment — benders and swaging units.


Swagelok Hydraulic Swaging Units

swagelok hydraulic units.jpg - 16476 Bytes

ITBS rents:

  1. MS-MHSU-U-E
  2. MS-MHSU-O-E

Swagelok Hydraulic Swaging Units
Also available in metric sizes

Parker Hyferset Swaging Units

Parker Hyferset Tube Fabrication Equipment ITBS rents:

  1. 611011A Hyferset Basic Unit
  2. 611049C Hyferset Kit

Die are separates attachments. Die sizes are listed here:
Parker Hyferset Tube Fabrication Equipment:
Presetting Tools for Ordering Die Part Number


Swagelok Electric Tube Benders

Swagelok Electric Tube Bender ITBS rents:

  1. MS-TBE-1
  2. MS-TBE-2

Swagelok Electric Tube Bender User's Manual
Also available in metric sizes.

Swagelok Bench Top Benders

Swagelok Bench Top Tube Bender ITBS rents:

  1. MS-BTB-M
  2. MS-BTB-1
  3. MS-BTB-2

Swagelok Bench Top Tube Bender User's Manual

Parker Hydraulic Tube Bender

Parker Hydraulic Tube Bender

ITBS rents the Parker Hydraulic Tube Bender Model HB632

Parker Exactol Tube Benders

Parker Exactol 412 Tube Bender

ITBS rents:

  1. Model 412 — part number 412 KIT
  2. Model 424 — part number 424 KIT

Parker EXACTOL® 400 Series Tube Benders

Call ITBS today about our tube bending and instrumentation installation rental equipment at at 346-616-8004.

Instrumentation Tube Bending Services

Tube Bending Equipment Rental

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